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Augustine Mystical ::LEVITATE::

July Spiritual ::WE ELEMENTAL::

Selected poems, Issue 04 of Adrienne: A Poetry Journal of Queer Women

Like flowers in the sky choreopoem for Ferguson, Dance Chance Atlanta premiere / Like flowers in the sky (Poems for Ferguson), The Feminist Wire

Haiku for Sundiata

Poem for 陳珮, Kavad: Mother Tongues

Posing Beauty Examines Black Beauty from Center to Margin, Burnaway

voice of hunger and Queen of All Churches, The Feminist Wire

#OCCUPY CAPITALISM, OccupyWriters.com (original publication) and S09 Week 17 Panadería Bread Uprising Bakery zine (excerpted)

Is There Something Beyond the Human?: A Conversation with Poets Cheryl Clarke and Vanessa Huang, Her Kind

“Stand with Us”, CounterPunch Poets’ Basement

Driving with the top down sun/ out & wind blowing all over the place/ xoxo, mm, Feminist Studies 37.2 Race and Transgender Studies

Manifesto, Taking Freedom Home

Poem for Marilyn Buck, Marilyn Buck ¡Presente!

Gaza waterprayer, Poets for Living Waters

Kundiman for Melissa, Justice for Melissa Roxas